Day 213 – Lemonade

We’ve been having a bit of a heatwave here in Frankfurt, and today was set to be 35C. In normal years this temperature wouldn’t be too out of the norm for the Summer, but this year the weather has been a lot cooler, so it’s fair to say we’re not quite used to the blazing heat of former years just yet.

To try and cool down outside of my house, I organised to go to an outdoor pool with my friend and decided to make some refreshments to bring along. I accidentally ate the watermelon I’d bought, but I did take along some lovely, cool and refreshing lemonade – my new thing for the day.

I followed a really simple recipe from Bon Appetit, which involved making a simple syrup, adding some lemon zest, before adding all that to some lemon juice and some icy cold water. It was honestly so simple, that I can’t quite believe I’ve not made it before. It tasted fresh and zingy at first but had a sweet aftertaste that mellowed the flavour. I like my citrus flavours very sharp and tart so next time I’ll cut the sugar down a little.

I loved sipping on this at the pool in the searing heat, it made me feel like I’d taken a little holiday somewhere. After inwardly praising myself for having such a good idea, I decided that I’ll definitely be making this again.

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