Day 210 – Sunglasses case

Although this summer got off to a slow start, I’ve finally welcomed the increase in hot, sunny days with open arms. Since moving to Frankfurt I’ve really come to love summer: the city normally comes alive with street festivals in different neighbourhoods every week, ending with the huge Museum festival at the end of August. For obvious reasons, none of that is happening this year, but I’m still enjoying the weather by going to the outdoor swimming pool or picnicking by the river.

The only downside is the amount of stuff you have to bring along when you’re already hot and sweaty. Sun cream, water, picnic blanket, food, masks, book ā€“ my bag is always way too heavy. In preparation for the 30+ degree weather ahead, my plan for today was to reduce one of the biggest unnecessary weights in my bag, my sunglasses case.

It’s big, bulky, and heavy. I found a quick and easy pattern for a sunglasses pouch on Sew DIY and decided to see if I could hand-sew it.

I spent a very pleasant 2 hours whilst watching Jane the Virgin making this. It was very simple and easy, and I could have probably finished it a little earlier if I wasn’t so invested in the TV show! My only niggle is that I wish I’d made the pouch a little bigger, but other than that I think it looks really good, and will still protect my glasses whilst taking up as little space and weight as possible.

2 thoughts on “Day 210 – Sunglasses case”

  1. This is such a cute sewing project! Also, Jane the Virgin is a great show to watch while doing a diy project– good choice!

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    1. Ahh thank you! It was so fun and easy. I love Jane the Virgin! Germany is a bit behind and the last season has only just arrived on Netflix so I’m trying to take my going through it ā€“ easier said than done!

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