Day 209 – Geoguesser

Is anyone else starting to get the travel itch? I’m seeing people going away, sitting by the beach or eating new foods, and I have a curious case of FOMO. I desperately want to stretch my travelling legs, but I also know we’re still in a global pandemic, and travel comes with many risks. So, for the time being, I’m going to stay in Frankfurt and get my travel fix vicariously, which brings me onto today’s new thing, Geoguesser.

Geoguesser is a simple online game that uses Google Maps to generate a Street Map picture. You can use the arrows to look around as much as you like, you can zoom in a little, but you can’t zoom out, and you have to use all your available knowledge to guess where the location is in the world.

Any ideas where this is?

This was a really fun little game, and it was really interesting to see how good (or not) my knowledge of different countries was. I thought the above image could be somewhere in Russia (no idea why) but it turned out it was in Luxembourg, quite the distance away. For one of my turns, I was convinced the large, green trees, were typical of Switzerland, it turned out to be West Coast America.

The point of the game was a little lost on me (points?), but it was fun to guess the location anyway. The only downside is you get one free go which equates to 5 rounds, and then you have to pay. I recommend giving it a try if you have corona wanderlust like me.

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