Day 208 – Cheese twists

After yesterday’s 27km walk I needed something low effort and easy to do today. As usual, that came down to whipping something up in the kitchen.

Thanks to the puff pastry class on my Puff the Bakery pastry course the other week, I had a couple of puff pastry sheets in the freezer. In an effort to reduce waste, I also froze some scrap parts from when I rolled out my palmiers, and that’s what I decided to use for today’s new thing.

I love the idea of nothing going to waste, so I was really pleased when I could mould the puff scraps into a rough sheet of pastry. With the “waste nothing” mantra in my head, I proceeded to use whatever we had left in the fridge to go inside. So this meant a strange, but delicious combination of crumbled cheddar and garlic oil, leftover from homemade pizzas last night.

The mini twists waiting to go in

I folded the pastry in two, then cut five pieces off before twisting into rough shapes. In hindsight, I should have grated the cheddar, and used a paste or something a bit more spreadable than the oil, but I figured it would taste good however it turned out.

I wasn’t wrong

Yes, they were a bit dry, but it’s hard to resist buttery puff pastry, melted cheese, and a hint of garlic. I could have demolished a load of these.

They weren’t my best attempt, but I know with a little thought, I could make these even better. Harissa and mozzarella might be my next try.

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