Day 206 – Tonka bean ice cream

Today’s entry isn’t the most exciting, but it was still something absolutely brand new. Plus, it involves ice cream, so it’s a little bit exciting.

I was meeting my friend by the Alte Oper in Frankfurt in today’s sunny weather when we decided ice cream absolutely had to be our next plan. The area around the beautiful opera house is a little more upmarket than my usual haunts, but my friend had spotted a place that might fit the bill – people were wearing trainers!

Enjoy was next to a very popular and cool-looking wine bar/cafe, and one I made a mental note of to return to at a later date. The ice cream place looked a bit sparse, but I imagine it would normally have seating inside. The flavours looked good though, and I was all ready to go for a lemon sorbet when the tonka bean flavour caught my eye.

I was only vaguely aware of the tonka bean from candles and perfumes, and that it was similar to vanilla – I had no idea you could eat it though! Embracing the new opportunity in this ordinary situation, I decided to try it out.

It definitely looked and smelled a little like vanilla, but when the first thing I tasted when I took a bite was almond. I hate almond. Not off to a great start, but my friend had graciously bought the ice cream for me so I didn’t want to disregard it after the first few mouthfuls. Pleasingly, the flavour mellowed as I continued eating, and it became an almond/vanilla hybrid, with something a little bit fruity in there too. It was so surprisingly delicious – I’m so glad I kept eating!

Although not the most life-changing new thing, I was really happy to finally do a spontaneous new thing whilst out and about in the city again. Up until now, everything had to be meticulously planned out and organised so I could do it at home: today it was nice to have the new thing come to me.

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