Day 200 – Palmiers

Following on from my puff pastry adventures the other day, I was excited to create something more. I made sure I had a decent amount of pastry left, and even managed to freeze a few sheets for another day – what a great feeling! Today though, it was all about palmiers, something I’ve wanted to make for a long time.

Palmiers are a palm-shaped, sweet puff pastry treat, originating in France, but I tried a version from a bakery in Tenerife and was hooked. Unlike the galette des rois the other day, they’re actually very simple to make, all I needed was butter and sugar.

I spread melted butter over a scrap piece of puff pastry I had and then sprinkled sugar liberally over it all. The next step was rolling the two sides up to meet in the middle like a scroll and then chopping into sections to create the palmiers. I didn’t have a lot of scrap pastry, but I was impressed that I still managed to make a few.

Unfortunately, they came out a bit well done, but due to the caramelised sugar on top, they still tasted fantastic.

These really are such a delicious little treat, and I’m so happy to finally have made them. The butter and sugar caramelise and make everything crisp and delightfully sweet. I had to stop myself from polishing off the whole lot!

Again, I’m so impressed that I made this with my own puff pastry – it tastes so good I don’t think I’ll ever buy shop bought again. These palmiers will definitely be something I’ll whip up again: they’re simple to make, look impressive, and taste amazing – that’s a winning combination for me.

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