Day 199 – Say yes to everything

If ever there was a new thing that sums up my challenge, this would be it.

I’ve been doing a new thing every day for well over half a year now, and although it’s been tough during a global pandemic, I’ve still managed. I think a big part of this is that I’m increasingly becoming open to anything, meaning I’m seeing new opportunities everywhere. I doubt I’ll ever be bored again in my life! I think this comes down to embracing the yes in every day (taking that new path, buying the new food etc.) something I decided to push further today by saying yes to everything.

I wasn’t sure where the day was going to take me, but all I knew was that if I was asked a question with a yes/no answer, I would say yes.

My (not really) private pool for the day!

As I was spending the day with my husband, I knew nothing too crazy would happen, but by just being open to it we ended up eating cake for breakfast, going to the local outdoor swimming pool (which we basically had to ourselves), and having Italian food from a local restaurant for dinner: all things I wouldn’t have normally done.

That may not sound so exciting, but it didn’t matter, the act of being open to everything the day had to offer was a fantastic experience. Something shifted in my head to be prepared for anything, to seek a little adventure wherever I could (why I started this challenge in the first place), and to be present and in the moment.

This was clearly a very positive experience for me, and something I will definitely take with me into my day-to-day life. It’s not a practical everyday activity, but I’ll savour the essence of it for days when I feel a bit stuck.

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