Day 193 – Gugelhupf

I’m taking a week off from my Puff the Bakery pastry course as I sadly couldn’t keep eating lemon meringue every night – vegetables were needed! This doesn’t mean I’ve stayed away from the kitchen though: not only have I finally made a decent sourdough loaf, I also tried my hand at Gugelhupf, a sweet German Bundt cake.

I found some mini silicone Gugelhupf moulds and couldn’t resist picking them up, they were the perfect size for a mini treat, and a bit less intimidating than attempting a big cake. As the moulds were so small I needed to scale down any normal recipe, something I had no idea how to do. Thankfully, just before throwing the packaging out, I noticed a basic recipe with the right quantities for the mini moulds.

The mixture was basically a normal cake batter, but I added some lemon zest to it to make a very light lemon drizzle cake.

Once they came out of the oven, they had puffed up wonderfully and looked like lovely fluffy cakes. Gugelhupf are either finished off with a dusting of icing sugar or have icing around the top with it decadently dripping down to around halfway. The icing needs to be runny enough to fall down the sides but thick enough to stop – it’s a fine balance. I mixed icing sugar with some lemon juice to get that zingy lemon flavour I love and was amazed to get the right consistency almost straight away. I’m kicking myself for not weighing it out, as I bet I won’t be able to do that again!

They turned out so nice, tasted amazing, and were done in under an hour: it was a perfect baking project for when you want to eat something a bit sweet without making a whole cake. I’ll definitely be making them again.

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