Day 192 – A.I. Oil painting

Today’s new thing is a weird and quick one, but one that I hope gives you a laugh.

I read an article a while ago on Bored Panda about how people were using a computer programme to turn themselves into oil paintings. Some of the pictures people posted were beautiful, especially those from women with curly hair. Since my chemotherapy ended last year, I have experienced a very strange hair regrowth of extremely curly hair – definitely something I didn’t have before. They’re called chemo curls, and are really common after chemo-related hair loss: I’ve no idea if they’ll last, so I’m trying to take good care of them whilst they’re here and take a million pictures. What better way to commemorate by bizarre curls than an oil painting celebrating them!

The curls have a bit of a mind of their own at the moment…

I put this photo into the A.I. Gohaku programme, looking forward to choosing some different styles for my oil painting and oh boy, the result was…not what I expected. I know I’m no oil painting, but this was taking the biscuit!

Where did that moustache come from?!

I was in absolute hysterics at this! It was totally worth doing it to see this result. Best of all, it’s softened all of my curls so you can’t make any of them out! Please give this a go and let me know if you got a better result than mine.

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