Day 191 – Cloud Spotting

I was lazing in the sun, catching up with a friend, when we both started looking up at the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky and started seeing shapes. She spotted a train, I saw a lobster: our own personal Rorschach test. This idle cloud gazing is something I’ve done since I was a child, but today was the first time I actually wondered what the clouds were actually saying.

The study of clouds, Nephology, is used in meteorology and helps predict what the weather will do. We all know to grab our umbrellas if we see dark clouds approaching, but what about those wispy, hair-like ones?

After a quick app search, I found this Cloud Spotting app and I was soon able to discover that the sky was full of fluffy and white cumulus clouds and wispy cirrus clouds, both typical of a fair day. I also found I should watch out for cumulonimbus, which produces showers and thunderstorms. Good to know!

I really found this interesting. I love finding out what nature can tell us about what’s happening, and I will definitely use this app in different weathers to learn what else to look out for.

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