Day 188 – Scratch Art

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing an adult paint-by-numbers. I find it really relaxing, especially when I have it all prescribed for me what colour I put where it means I can just switch off and paint. I guess it’s the same reason that adult colouring books are so popular: guided creativity takes the pressure off to be truly creative, allowing you to enjoy the process instead. This is why I picked up a scratch art card in my local discount shop, figured the act of simply following the lines would be good to unwind. Well, that, it was only €1, and I’ve never done one before.

I put some Community on the TV and settled down to scratch as I watch. I hated it as soon as I started. The sound went right through me. Honestly, how on earth does anyone find pleasure in doing this? The feeling of pulling a metal stick along paper is not enjoyable in the slightest. But, I was determined to put my good money (€1) to use and I was determined to complete the bloody thing.

A lot like when I was trying the Rubik’s Cube, I didn’t want to let this defeat me. I’m stubborn I know, but if I stopped I knew it would only be wasted, and I hate the thought of buying something and not getting any use out of it. I doggedly continued for a few hours. My hand was cramping and I was incredibly grumpy, but I finished it!

I hated this so much, it really is ridiculous. I know I should have just left it, but that felt like giving in. At least now I know I will never, ever, have to do another one of these again.

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