Day 187 – Made a balloon

It’s amazing the strange and random things you can pick up in a department store. I was idly wandering around in one a couple of weeks ago, enjoying being somewhere other than the four walls of my home, when I ended up in the kid’s party section. Here there were party games, little decorations, and bizarely this “Make your own balloon” kit. I didn’t even realise I could make my own balloon, so unsurprisingly this made its way home with me.

In the tube was a thick, silicone-like gel. According to the instructions I was to take a bean-sized portion of it and place it over the top of the pipe. It was so sticky that this was a bit harder than I first thought! After that, the only thing left to do was blow.

I think I need to work on my lung capacity because this was not easy. I couldn’t figure out how to keep the balloon inflated whilst taking a breath, so I was left with tiny little jellyfish-like balloons.

It looks so sad

The pack said I should be able to manipulate the balloons whilst blowing them, a bit like glassblowing, to create some cool shapes and features. Well, I don’t think being a balloon maker or a glassblower is in my future as I popped every single one.

This was…interesting. Something new definitely, but not something I particularly enjoyed. Still, it’s quite cool to say I made my own balloon, I just won’t mention how small it was.

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