Day 184 – Weaving

This week has seemed like one of the longest weeks in history and I felt absolutely drained. My brain had given up sometime around lunchtime, so I decided to start the weekend early and spend my Friday afternoon watching Netflix. When I realised it was only Thursday, I knew I was in trouble. Today, my new thing needed to be something mindless I could do whilst sat on the sofa, and so I took my cupboard of crafts to find one of the random kits I have acquired throughout the year.

The cupboard delivered, as it always does, and I found today’s winner: a weaving set on the tiniest loom possible.

I picked this up in Flying Tiger for around €1!

At first, I had no idea where to start with this. I tried putting the red needle into the hole and got a bit exasperated when it didn’t fit. I was definitely too tired for this. Having a word with myself, I eventually set up the basic structure and started weaving the different coloured thread in and out of the loom.

This was exactly what I needed today: so soothing and mindless, I just concentrated on the movements and weaved in and out. I’m not quite sure what I created, and what on earth I’m going to use it for – I think I’ve missed the point of it somewhere along the way. Whilst I did enjoy this, and it was lovely and relaxing for my tired brain, it will sadly be going in my other cupboard, the rapidly growing cupboard of random completed crafts.

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