Day 182 – Pen Spinning

When I think of pen spinning I think of a bored student in a maths lesson, or a worker stuck in a long, dry, meeting: a mindless activity the same as clicking a pen, or doodling in a notebook. I, therefore naively, thought that twirling a pen would be an easy and simple task that anyone can pick up – I was more than a bit wrong.

A quick YouTube search brought up hundreds of videos, each one with a different style and technique of pen spinning. I clicked on the first one that appeared and I was so shocked how quick the pen was twirling around their fingers I became instantly discouraged – I couldn’t even begin to figure out how they were doing it! I picked a video that had both the words “easy” and “beginner” in the title and hoped for the best.

WHAT! How is it so hard? I tried for the best part of an hour to do this, and time after time kept throwing my pen across the room. It’s a good job I was on my own as there would have been some injuries from all the flying pens! I’m so envious of anybody who can do this seemingly effortlessly, their hand-to-eye co-ordination must be amazing.

I’m determined to nail this, as I think it will feel so satisfying to get it right. I just have to make sure I don’t give my husband a black-eye from having a pen thrown at him first!

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