Day 175 – Pressed flowers

I normally favour plants over flowers in my home, but it’s hard to resist a beautiful bouquet of fragrant blooms now and again. Last week I picked up a bunch of pink peonies that not only brightened up my house and made it smell heavenly, but a little smile on my face every time I saw them. Unfortunately, and this is why I favour plants, cut flowers have a limited life. I wanted to try and preserve the joy the peonies brought me by putting a cheap flower press to good use and keeping the pressed flower on display.

The flower press I had I managed to get really cheaply from one of my favourite shops:
Søstrene Grene. It’s basically bits of card and cardboard between two pieces of wood with some screws. I’m fairly certain you could get the same results between two big books, I just got a bit carried away with my post-lockdown shopping a few weeks ago.

As you can see from the picture, the peony flower was maybe a bit too large for this task, I probably should have started with a daisy or something small instead. As it was so large, I realised I should leave it a few days as opposed to the few hours I wanted to before checking. Martha Stewart recommends 7 – 10 days, well I was a bit too impatient for that and waited 5 days.

I think it’s ready, I’ve no frame of reference so I’m not entirely sure. I also think it looks quite pretty. It’s something I’ll definitely consider doing again, maybe with a few different and smaller flowers to create some nice art for a blank wall.

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