Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Normally I am quite well organised with my new things, I usually plan out two weeks at a time, and rearrange as and when spontaneous things come up, but today, I don’t know what happened – it was the closest I’d come to not completing anything new at all.

I had a full and busy day where my new thing challenge didn’t even pop into my head. In fact, I only remembered as I was getting ready for bed, and thank goodness I did – I would have been so upset if I’d have missed a day! A last-minute new thing needed to happen quickly, and I had just the thing – making hand shadow puppets.

I’m pretty confident I’ve not made any before, but I decided to go with a shape I’ve never even seen before to make it extra-new.

My deer shadow

I also had a go at one of the classic shapes – a dog.

For a last-minute, emergency new thing, these were a good choice. I mean they look pretty cool, and it was fun to learn an unusual shape, but this took all of 5 minutes to master. Thank goodness for YouTube.

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