Day 165 – Taskmaster Challenge

For the past few weeks, a YouTube channel called Taskmaster has been popping up on my home screen. I gathered the videos were of people doing weird things, but I never actually clicked on a video until today. It turns out that each week during the UK’s lockdown, a different fun challenge was set for people to complete at home such as “Demonstrate the most extreme housework” and “Do something really cool in slow motion“. This week’s challenge, the final one, was to make the biggest, most expressive face out of household objects. Challenge accepted!

I wanted to do some sort of Quarantine theme with face masks for hair, and big bags of pasta, but it didn’t look quite right. Instead, I went with whatever was nearby to create a very shocked face. It felt a lot like a TV show I used to watch as a child in the UK called Art Attack. Every episode the presenter would make a giant piece of art that you could only see from way up above. This challenge finally realised my long-repressed Art Attack dream!

The wiry beard was a bit of a nightmare to untangle afterwards, but I think it was worth it as it looks really cool. This was ridiculously fun, I only wish I clicked on one of the videos sooner. In searching for the videos I posted above, I’ve just discovered that Taskmaster is actually a TV show where comedians are given random tasks to complete – maybe I can watch it and borrow a few more ideas!

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