Day 163 – Made Gnocchi

It’s probably clear from looking through my new things list that I love food. I love eating it, but I really love making it. In my eyes, Italian food is the most pleasurable food to make, the way they make such beautiful, mouth-watering flavours come together in such a simple way really appeals to my no-fuss cooking style. I’ve happily made pizza, pasta, risottos, and bread at home mainly thanks to two books: Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison (check out their amazing YouTube channel) and my Italian food bible The Essentials of Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan.

It’s Marcella I turned to when I decided to make the gnocchi her charmingly bossy style would ensure that I made it the way it should be, without any shortcuts or workarounds: I’m always in good hands with Marcella. Plus, it gave me an excuse to make the world’s best, yet simplest pasta sauce: Marcella’s tomato, butter, and onion sauce. Trust me, try this, you will not regret it.

Making the gnocchi was very simple but messy: I boiled potatoes, pureed them, and then combined them with flour to make a dough. The dough was sticky and uncomfortable to work with, and I struggled to shape the gnocchi over a fork, but I managed made some sort of shape.

I put all the little dumplings in a bowl, which was a big mistake as they all stuck together meaning I had to reshape them all again. Honestly, they were such a faff that if the end result didn’t taste so good I would have been really disappointed.

I covered the ugly looking gnocchi in oodles of sauce, plenty of parmesan, and paired it with some no-knead ciabatta I’d made earlier in the day. It tasted so good, not enough to make it again, but good enough to be worth it!

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