Day 159 – Painted a picture with my feet

Let me start by saying there will be no pictures of feet on this post, just in case you landed here through some strange combination of search terms, or are just a bit squeamish about feet like me.

This challenge was given to me by my sister on 1st January 2020, a time that seems unbelievably long ago. I remember it so vividly because I recoiled in horror when she mentioned it – there’s just something about feet that just weird me out. The idea of paint all over my toes felt horrible, but she clarified that I could use a paintbrush and just hold it between my toes – a little better. I added it to my list and forgot all about it until today when I had nothing planned but was desperate for something creative: painting with my feet it was. Who knows, maybe I’d have a hidden talent and I’d be far better than when I painted by hand

I prepared a couple of acrylics on my palette with my hands, but everything else was then done with my feet. I managed to mix a few different colours somehow and got to work, not knowing where I’d end up.

Well, it didn’t turn out so bad. I’m not sure what I was going for, but the shape of a woman somehow appeared and I went with it: I’m quite impressed with the neat looking face I managed! Although the painting doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would, and it was a really interesting experiment to paint without full control, I would definitely not do this again: it was so uncomfortable. My leg kept cramping up, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all.

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