Day 154 – Anti-slavery transcriptions

I first saw the idea for this on a fellow something-new-everydayer’s Instagram. She had spent a good part of her day transcribing letters from anti-slavery activists for the Boston Public Library and said it was a really valuable experience. I had no idea people would be able to do something like this from afar, and I shamelessly copied the idea for today.

Reading through these letters and seeing the parallels to today was not an easy experience, but was definitely a valuable one. Those people made their voices heard, and stood up for their fellow man, something that is still absolutely necessary today.

I am a white heterosexual woman, which grants me a huge amount of privilege. The current protests around the world over the death of George Floyd and so many other Black people at the hands of police have served as a call to action for many, myself included. Not only is it time to look introspectively at my own privilege and views, but it’s time to educate others and amplify the voices of People of Colour.

Below are a few useful links to huge lists and resources I’ve found from around the web for people to help with the current protests, and beyond. They are varied and comprehensive lists, and I’ve found them a great way to begin my education.

Useful Instagram posts

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Social media has been a bit overwhelming since I first put up this post so it has taken some time for me to post this. On Friday, I shared this content on Twitter after I felt the conversations online were like screaming into an echo chamber. I wanted to provide those who wanted to support and be an ally with practical tips to move forward and make a change in our society. I am still somewhat surprised and overwhelmed by the reception so please take patience with me at this time. — For a note on who I am to those who have followed me from Twitter, my name is Mireille. I'm an assistant editor and I do freelance writing, PR and sensitivity reading and other bits on the side. I am extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, and everything I have shared is not new knowledge to me. From as far back as I can remember I've been campaigning, fighting for equality and supporting and working with black owned organisations. I have worked in the diversity and inclusion space for around four years and I have been equipped with knowledge, skills etc through that work as well as through wider, intensive reading and being raised by a Jamaican mother who has a degree in Women's Studies. I felt as a mixed race person who was emotionally capable despite the current situation that I could use my learned experience, skills and compassion to offer this advice to allies and anyone else who was seeking advice but didn't know where to turn. This is now on my stories as a highlight so please feel free to share from there or here. — A small reminder that this took emotional labour and POC, especially black people are not here to teach you everything. When I said ask how you can support, I meant on a personal level as a friend etc. I hope this toolkit provides you with the starter info you need but there are genuinely people more experienced than me who warrant your listening to – please go and follow @nowhitesaviors, @laylafsaad, @rachel.cargle, @ckyourprivilege, @iamrachelricketts, @thegreatunlearn, @renieddolodge, @ibramxk + a few more: @akalamusic, @katycatalyst + @roiannenedd who all have books or resources from many more years of experience. _

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