Day 146 – Balloon animals

A few months ago I looked up going to clown school. I had a friend who had done it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, and I thought it would be a great new thing to do. I gave up on the idea mainly because I didn’t think my German clown jokes would be up to scratch, but the idea remained and I created a few new things for my list: I’ve already nailed the juggling, I’ll wait to find some cheap plates before I start spinning them, and I need to write a few jokes, so the next choice is balloon animals.

My lovely sister-in-law sent me a balloon animal kit through the post that contained a little hand pump, and instructions for different shapes.

I had high hopes of making a monkey, oh how naive I was! I couldn’t get past the first stage, the bit they don’t put in the instructions because it’s so self-explanatory – I couldn’t blow the balloon up.

I struggled for over an hour and a half trying to get just one balloon that I could work with. I tried with the hand pump only to have it either pop (conveniently whilst my husband was on a conference call!) or wither, and I nearly passed out after trying it by mouth. I was running out of balloons.

The number of balloons I went through before I managed to blow up one.

I don’t know what changed, but by some divine miracle, I managed to get two that I could use, so tried to make something as fast as I could so this experience could be over with. My monkey idea had long passed, and after considering just making a snake, I sucked it up and decided to make the standard balloon dog.

This video was so much clearer than the written instructions, and after a few tentative twists, I managed to make something vaguely dog-shaped. I was amazed!

The proportions aren’t quite right, but it’s closer than I thought I’d get!

And then I made another one!

As a finishing touch, I added the stick on eyes that came with the kit, and I’m so impressed with them! I would have enjoyed this so much more if I could actually have blown more balloons up, but I’m quite satisfied with what I managed to make. I don’t think I’ll be handing in an application for clown school just yet though…

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