Day 144 – Jazz dance class

I’m on a dancing roll! After enjoying my voguing class with Dance Exchange yesterday so much, I decided to move some new things around and join them again today for a jazz dance class. I was a little less sure of what to expect from this one: visions of Cabaret and All That Jazz filled my head, I was basically prepared for anything Bob Fosse.

Ok, it wasn’t quite like this

I grew up in a musical theatre-loving house: my mum would always listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber songs in the car, and The Sound of Music, Grease, and Sister Act were on regular rotation on the TV. Now, my happy place is either Singin’ in the Rain or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – honestly, it’s amazing I’ve not done a class like this before.

It was a great high energy class, with the effervescent Katie Row. The choreography was set to the opening song Another Day of Sun from the film La La Land. I found it a little hard to remember it all at first, but I muddled through and tried to add some flair to it. I really loved some of the slow and elegant leg sweeps that were reminiscent of Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire, very old school Hollywood, and I really loved the jazz hands ending – I knew my Bob Fosse training would come in handy!

I enjoyed this style of dancing a lot, but I think it was a little advanced for me. I didn’t have the rhythm or timing down to catch up on all the dance moves. I’d maybe try it again to practice, but sadly I don’t see a future for myself in the musicals anytime soon.

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