Day 142 – Paper water bombs

After my spaghetti bridge success the other day, I really wanted to attempt another one of the James Dyson Foundation challenges – I mean, they’re for kids, but that just makes them extra fun in my opinion. As it was a really warm day, my attention wandered over to the paper water bombs section. All they required was square paper and a pipette, something I weirdly had around the house.

A water bomb in progress

The technique to make them was basically some origami paper folding, but it was really interesting (and relatively quick) to construct one. I had my doubts about how much water it would hold, but the paper has been folded over a couple of times, making it stronger, sturdier, and able to hold a decent amount of water. An important plus when making water bombs!

My colourful water bombs

My husband was off work as it was a public holiday, and so I decided to surprise him with a water bomb ambush. I had four ready-made and filled and called him into the bathroom before gently throwing one at his leg – I thought it was a bit mean to go into a full attack straight away. Fortunately, he reacted with laughter rather than anger over his wet trousers, and he let him retaliate. It was at this point I regretted not making more, but we did have fun with the ones I’d made, and they definitely fulfilled the brief of holding enough water to give someone a soaking.

They do take a little bit of time to make, but not long, and I would definitely consider making them again if I ever found myself with a battle on the cards, especially if it saved on plastic.

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