Day 139 – Gave someone a haircut

I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s been roped into doing this lately. To be fair I’ve had it on my list for a while, but I was envisioning more of a quick trim, rather than a complete restyle. Here in Germany, the hairdressers have reopened, but as there’s no waiting allowed appointments are booked up for the next couple of months. So, my poor hairy husband asked me at the weekend if I could cut his hair, and I reluctantly agreed.

My husband takes a lot of pride in his hair, and rightly so, he’s got (had) a lovely full head of hair. I was so worried about messing it up, I was very unsure about doing it, but he assured me that if even if it turns out terrible, he doesn’t mind completely shaving it off. No pressure then.

I was so nervous that I spent a good few hours watching videos on YouTube and panicking through every single one. When the time came, I could only remember certain bits from each one, and mashed them all together in my mind.

This was the one I found most useful

I’m not going to post any before and after pictures, but my husband entered our makeshift hair salon with a thick and lustrous head of hair and left with an extremely short, military-style hair cut. What happened?!

So much hair!

I started very tentatively, using the clippers very slowly on the side until James said I could go with a bit more gusto. After that, I couldn’t stop! I tried to cut the top and kept trying to even it out until I eventually had to stop otherwise he’d have no hair left. It was really intense, and I felt terrible afterwards.

He was very kind and easy-going about the whole thing, but I was so upset for him. I thought I’d made an absolute mess of it: I should have stopped at the Ed the Duck stage, instead of resting on the Bert from Sesame Street stage. But, actually, after he’d washed and styled it as best as he could, it didn’t look so terrible. I’d tell him to get his money back if he’d actually paid for it, but it’s acceptable for the time being. He’s blessed with fast-growing hair, so it’ll hopefully only be a few weeks before it starts to look OK again. I hope! I don’t think I see a career for myself in hairdressing anytime soon.

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