Day 138 – Sourdough crackers

My adventures in sourdough bread are still not resulting in a proper loaf. To try and change this, I begun (started? birthed?) two more starters: another rye starter (like my original, Sindy) and a white starter. In keeping with the grand tradition of sourdough starters I have named them: the rye, Lionel as Lionel Ritchie started was on the radio at the time (original I know–this is why all of my Sims were called “Janet Kleenex” or “Tom Cadburys”), and the white one, Wartortle.

Warortle became very active very quickly, and actually through the course of the week had been renamed Marjorie for some reason. Marjorie Wartorle was so active that I had to reduce her down a little so that she could stay in her container, which left me with a little extra sourdough starter to play with. As I use a no waste starter recipe, I’ve never had the problem of sourdough discard before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it. I eventually stumbled on a simple recipe for some crackers from King Arthur Flour.

I’ve never made crackers before, let alone sourdough ones, so I was curious to try it out. It was such a simple task with a high reward that I can definitely see me making them again. There are no complicated techniques, the recipe is surprisingly easy, and they tasted incredible – what’s to lose?

I always feel so satisfied when I can easily make something I would normally buy ready-made from the shop. I much prefer to know what’s inside something, and I think it generally works out cheaper too. The biggest advantage though is that it always tastes better coming from my own kitchen–I’ll never buy crackers again!

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