Day 135 – Tried to open bottle with piece of paper

I get a lot of inspiration from YouTuber Mike Boyd, a mad Scotsman who tries to learn loads of random new skills, so when I saw he could easily open a beer bottle with a piece of paper I thought it was a cool new party trick to learn. It looked so easy that I was fairly confident I could do it, so I saved it for a special occasion – my dad’s birthday – to try and perform my new trick in front of an online audience.

I also used this video to try and split an apple in half with my hands, but don’t worry if you’re not interested in that, the bottle opening is right at the beginning.
With a few of my tools

I got my bottle of cider out and slowly followed the steps but the lid didn’t budge at all. I tried again, only for the same result. By this time my audience was already heckling me so I frantically found another tutorial to try, but this time I managed to graze my knuckles on the jagged bottle lid. I was bleeding, my family was laughing, and I still couldn’t get into my drink! Feeling defeated I reached for the bottle opener, ready to drink my sorrows away.

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