Day 126 – Camping at home

My husband is on holiday this week as we were meant to be visiting family back in England. Although it became clear a while ago that wasn’t going to happen, he kept his holiday from work all the same. As we can’t go anywhere, we decided to have a break regardless and go camping…in our living room!

My sister and I used to make blanket forts when we were younger, so I do have some prior experience in this arena, but even so, it took us nearly two hours to build a very shoddy structure.

3 out of 5 stars. You can just make out our campfire glowing on the TV

My sister and my nephew decided to join us virtually, and enjoyed laughing at us whilst we were putting up our structure while she effortlessly popped up her tent. We had the last laugh when we realised we wouldn’t have to share our “tent” with 20 different teddies like my sister had to.

Although it didn’t look much during the day, once I lit a few candles and added some cushions, our campsite was so cosy and relaxing – I loved it!

With the power of some live webcams, we watched the sunset over the water in Fife, watched the stars over Taiwan, and got distracted by some polar bears in Canada – you know, regular camping stuff. We then rang my sister and nephew again and sung some songs round our virtual campfire.

I wasn’t expecting to spend the whole night at our “campsite”, in fact, I fully expected both of us to decamp to our bedroom during the night. Surprisingly we both woke up in the living room, and I’d actually had the best sleep I’d had in ages. It could have been the noise of a fire gently crackling in the woods that I set to play on my phone overnight, or just a night spent chilling out, but I woke up feeling refreshed from our night under the virtual stars.

So cosy!

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