Day 122 – Rhubarb and ginger cookies

So after yesterday’s ginger bread it seems I’m on a bit of a ginger kick! I love the stuff, and always use it for tea or curries, but very rarely use it for baking. I found this recipe from Anna Jones, for rhubarb, ginger, and white chocolate cookies a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my ‘to bake’ list ever since. After finding a fresh pile of rhubarb at the local supermarket, for a ridiculously cheap price, I had run out of excuses not to make it.

This recipe, although very simple, was actually full of new things for me. I love the flavour of rhubarb, I’m not a fan of anything too sweet, so the tart taste really appeals to me, but I’ve only had it as a drink, and never eaten it (during the warmer months in Germany, my drink of choice is a tall, refreshing glass of Rhababerschorle – a gently sparkling rhubarb soda) so this was going to be an adventure. The recipe also called for another new thing – stem ginger, something I’ve never seen in Germany. So, before I started the cookies, I spent a few hours trying to make my own stem ginger (tender ginger pieces in a sweet, ginger syrup) – I was hoping these cookies would be worth it.

They were.

The first batch were a little soft, as I was worried they’d over bake, but actually, this is what I wanted. The second batch was brown and chewy, and with the amazing flavour combination of rhubarb, ginger, and white chocolate, the taste was perfectly balanced. I put the first batch back in the oven to firm up, and I can confirm they were just as good.

My stem ginger experiment worked, by first time cooking with rhubarb won’t be the last, and I will 100% be making these cookies again. Part flapjack, part blondie, part cookie – they are utterly delicious, and are a huge hit in our house!

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