Day 121 – Made Gingerbread

Today was a rainy public holiday here in Germany, so I wanted a nice easy new thing to do inside. I had a few options, but when my sister suggested we bake gingerbread men together over FaceTime with my nephew I knew that was the one to go with. Not exactly a seasonal bake, but when a four-year-old who’s been stuck inside for weeks asks for it, you tend to comply with their demands!

I believe my sister used a Mary Berry recipe, but seeing as I got all my instructions via aforementioned four-year-old, I have honestly no idea. It smelled great, and came together as I imagined it would, so he must have been along the right lines. My major issue came when I realised the only biscuit cutter I could find, was one of the Queen. If that doesn’t scream “I’m British!” then I don’t know what will!

Say what you see

I also realised I didn’t have any icing sugar, so I couldn’t make a lovely crown for the Queen, meaning my gingerbread Queens have been mistaken for bear claws and cat paws in turn.

No matter what they look like, they tasted really good. I love the taste of ginger anyway, but there’s something so warming and comforting about eating a piece of soft and slightly chewy gingerbread, especially when baking with family on a rainy, public holiday.

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