Day 120 – Learnt to Beatbox

Let me just start by saying I did not think I could do this, at all. I thought I would end up sounding like a lame, middle-aged Uncle, trying to trick the kids he’s cool. I was always very envious of anybody who could bust out a beat, and even I tried to follow along, it would sound more like I was just blurting out random sounds. Now I know, that I was almost along the right lines…

The coolest lady ever: Butterscotch, a Female World Beatbox Champion.

Even if you have no interest in trying beatboxing, please give the video above a watch – this woman is insanely talented, I have no idea how she can create some of the sounds with only one mouth – I mean singing and beatboxing at the same time is mindblowing to me.

I followed along with the first 3 steps of the video (it got a bit beyond my level after that), and Butterscotch says to emulate the bass drum, the high hat, and the snare, you simply need to say Boots and Cats. This was the key to me learning the beatbox basics. After a bit of practice, it was really sounding good and I was having a great time.

You can tell I was having a good time when the pointy finger came out

I was honestly so impressed with myself that I could actually do this – I never thought I’d actually make it sound good! I had an absolute blast learning to beatbox, a skill I will use to show off to anyone that asks, and something I will mindlessly do whilst cooking, happily annoying my husband no end. A brilliant, and surprisingly quick, new thing to learn.

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