Day 118 – Made a bouncy egg

This isn’t magic, and I haven’t finally lost it – I used actual science to make an egg bounce.

Whilst researching new things to do at home, I stumbled across a video that contained some cool science experiments to do with kids (just the right level) and picked out the bouncy egg as it seemed really fun.

This is so simple and really satisfying, I fully recommend giving it a try. All the experiment involves is putting a raw egg (still in its shell) into a jar filled with vinegar, and leaving it overnight (or 12 hours) or longer. I had been waiting to do this for a day when I knew I’d be stuck for time, but I kept forgetting to put the egg in vinegar overnight, or when I get up. I finally remembered to set a phone reminder yesterday and I ended up leaving it in the vinegar for roughly 12 hours. By this time, the shell should have started to come away, it’ll look transparent, and it’ll be a bit squishy to touch.

After 12 hours in the jar of vinegar

Gently wash it under some cold water, and the rest of the shell should come off. I think the longer you leave it, the easier this will be. This was so strange to see an egg like this – I could see the yolk moving inside through the membrane. I have to admit to not knowing the science behind this, but according to Clicksandbits

The eggshell dissolves because the acetic acid in the vinegar attacks the carbonate, releasing carbon dioxide gas and leaving calcium acetate, which is soluble. You can see this happening as bubbles will appear all over the egg immediately!

I really impressed my husband with this, so imagine how cool a child would find it! It brought us a well-needed bit of childlike joy on a tough and busy day, and that can only be a good thing.

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