Day 115 – Chocolate mint cookies

There are only a couple of flavour combinations that I simply can’t resist – salt and vinegar (a very British combination, I know) makes my mouth water every time I think of it, and dark chocolate and mint makes me swoon with anticipation. I love dark chocolate anyway, but once you add the sharp mint I’m in heaven, it’s just so tasty. So I was thinking of my long-departed favourite Green and Black’s mint chocolate bar, and how to use up my excess of fresh mint when I decided to freestyle a cookie recipe and try to recreate the flavour.

I’m not the biggest cookie fan, but they’re very easy to make, taste really good, and always scratch a baking itch which is becoming more and more frequent at the moment. Another massive bonus: my husband loves them. I’m a good wife.

My go-to cookie recipe is by Lorraine Pascale in her Baking Made Easy cookbook which I’ve had for years.

You can tell by the state of the page how well-used this recipe is! Also, I never use chocolate chips, I always just break up a chocolate bar meaning I always get a nice big chunk of chocolate in each bite.

I was a bit unsure how best to add the mint, so I just smacked it around a bit (to extract some of the oils) and chopped it up before adding it at the final step. I would show a before and after picture, but honestly, they just looked like chocolate cookies with some green bits in! Thankfully, they tasted better than they looked: not quite the taste I wanted due to using spearmint instead of peppermint, but a nice subtle mintiness nonetheless.

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