Day 114 – Bollywood dance class

Most of my new things recently have been either about food or exercise – I guess it’s important to have a balance! Today we’re back with exercise, and after a trying week I needed something light and fun, so I chose to finally cross off a Bollywood dance class from my list. I was looking forward to this, especially because I managed to rope in my reluctant sister via FaceTime.

We settled on a fun looking class from Bombay Jam. The music wasn’t as traditional as I imagined – they use Bollywood inspired dance moves with pop songs – but they had some great tracks on there that made me want to dance, so I guess the end result was the same.

We had such a great time doing this, dancing and jumping around our respective living rooms! I was in stitches laughing at my sister at some points, even more so when my 4-year-old nephew decided to join in. I’m so glad I managed to convince her to give it a go as I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it half as much on my own. It was also a really great workout, I definitely worked up a sweat and felt it a little afterwards – I would quite happily workout to this again.

2 thoughts on “Day 114 – Bollywood dance class”

    1. They definitely keep me moving! It’s all thanks to my local fitness centre streaming online and the YouTube recommended algorithim – I did one dance workout class and now it recommends all sorts of crazy and fun ones! I think if I can have a laugh and sweat at the same time, than it’s definitely worth doing.


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