Day 112 – Made an Excel database

I feel I’m like a lot of people in that I remember the very basics of Excel from school, but could probably not do much more than enter very basic data. Today I decided to step up my game and learn some new things – not all my skills are food related!

I found these great videos from Technology for Teachers and Students on YouTube – I’m not either, but their Excel tutorials were really helpful!

I started with this to freshen up

In following the videos I created a simple film inventory. I could have continued with this, but I have a few too many films to complete it in a day. Instead, I attempted to track the cost, duration, and ratings from all of my new things so far.

A snapshot

I had to estimate the duration and cost of a lot of things, but it was quite nice to have that rough information so I could calculate totals and average cost. I haven’t quite figured out how to measure the duration in excel yet, but once I do it’ll be just right. I was surprised to see that my average cost came to only €3.50 a day. To be honest the reality is probably lower, as I added a pricey celebration meal on there from when we ate peruvian food, but even so it just shows I’ve not made a huge cost investment to do this.

I found this so interesting, and I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed it. I’d be opening to developing my Excel skills a bit more, and seeing what else I can log.

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