Day 110 – Made naan bread

I have made it no secret in this blog that I love making bread, or indeed just food and baking in general. There is something so pleasurable and satisfying about making your own bread, it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever stop. In an effort to make my way through my cookbooks, and the food in my cupboards, I have decided on a different food theme each weekend. Last week was an Italian weekend: I made my own pasta (from the amazing Pasta Grannies recipe book), and breads which aren’t new things, but are delicious.

My homemade foccacia and ciabatta, the latter of which is the best thing I’ve ever made.

This week was Indian weekend, where I cooked a few dishes from the brilliant Meera Sodha’s Fresh India cookbook. I made a dal and an aubergine dish which were incredible, but the star attraction was the naan bread, something I’d wanted to make for a long time. I’m not a stranger to Indian flatbreads ā€“ rotis are incredibly easy to make ā€“ but I’ve never made the soft and fluffy naan breads before.

The recipe is very straight forward, and the only hurdle I came across was when it came to shaping the breads into a triangle or “elephant’s ear”: I just couldn’t figure it out! After the mishapen white blobs came out of the oven, puffed up and browned beautifully, and I smothered the garlic butter on, I absolultely did not care what shape the were.

Absolute heaven
As part of my feast

This will absolutely not be the last time I make naan bread. They are so soft and fluffy, and a perfect accompaniment for my favourite indian food. The only thing that stopped me from making more (I halved the recipe) is my lack of yeast! I’m now rationing it out until I can find more, and commence my breaditation again.

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