Day 109 – The Phantom of the Opera

That’s right, I’m back at the theatre with the comfiest seats in town. Andrew Lloyd Webber is sharing one of his musicals every Friday to YouTube, available for the weekend only – this week it was The Phantom of the Opera.

The love of musicals has always been strong in our family – my mum used to have a ‘Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘ album that always seemed to be playing in the car, so certain songs are ingrained in my memory forever. I have managed to see a few different productions, but one that has always eluded me is The Phantom of the Opera.

As soon as I saw that a production would be on YouTube I got in touch with my mum and arranged a time for us to watch it at the same time. We went for the matinee option, so the dress code was more casual than my previous theatre trip, but I still made sure I put some lipstick on – I miss wearing it!

Photograph: Joan Marcus, on Time Out New York

The show, filmed at the Royal Albert Hall for the 25th Anniversary, was fantastic – I was so impressed by the staging and set, especially the use of live video footage to show the mirror Christine walks through. The singing was something else though, the high notes they could hit gave me goosebumps – I can only imagine how it would feel to see it live.

I rang my mum at the interval (where my regular ice cream man came round), and at the end, and we both loved it. I even found myself singing along to songs I didn’t even realise I knew! All in all, an afternoon well spent.

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