Day 108 – Handwritten texts

Today I intended to finish sewing a facemask, so my new thing needed to be quite low maintenance. Thanks to a great tip-off, I found the idea to handwrite all my texts in a list from Gumroad.

At first, it was quite fun, a bit like sending notes in class, but it soon became quite time-consuming, especially once a group chat got going.

Despite that, I actually enjoyed it. I found myself considering what I was writing more and, not just firing away a load of “haha/no way!/cool” messages through the day. They also tended to be longer than normal texts, which was a bit strange for some friends, but one enjoyed it so much they decided to join in too.

It’s not something that I’ll do again, but it was nice to slow things down and consider what I was writing rather than mindlessly texting: a bit like instant letters.

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