Day 105 – Ballet class

This is something I know I’ve done as a young child, but I’ve been curious to try a class as an adult for a long time. I am not a dancer, I have no rhythm or grace, or anything else associated with ballet, but I thought it would be really fun to try. After a bit of searching I found a class from the Royal Academy of Dance. Yes, that’s right, I’ve now taken a ballet class with the best of the best. Kind of…

It turns out the class is designed for “Silver Swans” which I took to mean their older dancers. To be honest, this was probably a better way for me to start, the moves were very simple, and it gave me great confidence that I could actually achieve them.

My plie on my makeshift barre – my dining chair

I loved doing this class so much! It was only 20 minutes, but I felt like I was giving my body a good stretch. I felt so lovely and graceful, I’m definitely going to find another class to do, maybe I’ll chose one more age appropriate next time!

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