Day 101 – Recreate famous sculptures

I am very grateful that my friends are always on high-alert for new things for me to do: they quite often send through suggestions that I would have never discovered if it weren’t for them. I normally put the suggestions on the list and plan to do it in the future. Last week, however, 3 different people sent me the same link to a suggestion and I knew I had to do it as soon as possible. The Getty Art Museum is challenging people to recreate famous artworks whilst home in lockdown, the challenge itself inspired by the Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine Instagram account.

Bizarrely, I’ve already recreated a famous painting (last summer a friend and I recreated the American Gothic painting – it’s a long story…), so I chose to try and recreate some sculptures, but I had no idea where to start. The Getty has some great suggestions but also links to other art museums with images in the public domain. I chose two from the Art Institute of Chicago that looked like they could be fun. I grabbed my glamorous assistant, and we got to work.

Recreating Jeanne d’Arc by Antonin Mercié

I tried to get as close to the bronzed look as possible, hence the random yellow material on my head. This picture is a bit of a miracle as I could not keep a straight face at all during this. It was honestly so much fun, that we tried another one.

Recreating Pair of Protomes Depicting the Forepart of a Griffin

I can’t begin to explain how much fun we had doing this: we were crying laughing for most of the day, but we also enjoyed running around and trying to see if various household items looked right or not. We had no idea the top of the salt and pepper shapers would look right until we ran around the house like headless chickens (I’ve no idea why we were rushing) trying everything we could put our hands on.

I really recommend this for anyone starting to go a bit stir-crazy, and I think it would be especially fun for kids.

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