Day 96 – Yin Yoga class

I’ve been doing Yin yoga on YouTube for the past few years, trying a few different videos, but always coming back to Yoga With Kassandra. She has a great series for beginners and is amongst one of the few yoga YouTubers who don’t talk all through the quiet parts. This is very important in a Yin yoga class, as you hold each pose for 3-5 minutes, sometimes more, and is meant as a more meditative and quiet practice in comparison to the Yang yoga styles, such as Hatha or Ashtanga.

So today’s new thing is stretching the ‘new’ definition a little bit. As I’ve never done a physical class before, and it’s unlikely I’ll get to do one anytime soon, I took advantage of the fantastic English Yoga Meetup’s now live-streamed sessions, and spent my Sunday morning stretching and relaxing, finally in a Yin yoga class.

All I needed

The class started with a guided meditation where we were to imagine ourselves as mountains, always grounded despite the changing world around us. Then through the next hour, the calm teacher guided us through each pose, offering alternatives if we wanted a deeper or lighter stretch, and always encouraging us to find our edge – the point in between pain and complete comfort.

I came out of the class feeling fantastic: my muscles looser and relaxed, my mind calm and chilled out. I loved it, and wouldn’t hesitate to join a real-life class, whenever that may be. Until then, I will enjoy any online Yin yoga classes I can find.

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