Day 95 – Made my own VR Game

This is one new thing I never thought I’d be able to do! It sounds so complicated and time-intensive, and although it was hard, it was way easier than I thought.

We have a Nintendo Switch, and we like playing the Labo game on it: you get a flatpack of cardboard patterns that you fold and turn into various creations, which are then incorporated into the game. For example, we have made a piano, a steering wheel, and a pair of Virtual Reality goggles.

Although the game does have VR games already, there is an option where you can design and play your own creations.

The set-up

Although the game creation aspect is aimed with the novice (definitely me) in mind, as you can imagine, it still requires a lot of concentration and mental work to get an end result. My goal was to make a simple game: the player throws a ball through a hoop. After a little time, I managed this, happily checking my progress in the VR goggles as I went along. I also managed to add some fun things such as a scoreboard, fireworks, balloons, and a cheering crowd, but my biggest challenge came when I wanted to add a sumo wrestler goalkeeper.

The end result

I wanted him to move, but he wouldn’t, and I got a bit frustrated trying to figure it out. Eventually, I settled on making him static, but bigger, so the game could be a little bit more challenging.

Although this required a bit more effort it was so worth it: it was so much fun to be able to play a game I’d made myself, especially in virtual reality! How cool is that!

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