Day 93 – #365firsts interview

I’m quite active over on my Instagram, and through it, I’ve managed to find a few fellow “something new”-ers. There’s a lovely lady in Scotland and one in London, doing the same challenge, and there is Ann in the US who has a greater goal: to bring the benefit of doing something new every day to the masses. Ann, a former US Marine and one-woman productivity machine, has an app, a blog, a podcast, and does Facebook Lives almost every day, all with the mission of getting people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Every day on her Instagram page she will post a new thing from the app, and ask her followers whether they have already done it, would try it, or would pass. Ann and I found each other this way: I was on the search for more ideas for new things, and started following her account, using the #365firstschallenge hashtag, and joining in on the daily challenges. Last week she asked me if I’d like to go on one of her Facebook Lives, and I immediately said yes!

My Facebook Live interview in full

I felt very comfortable with Ann and had a great time on her Facebook Live. We spoke a little bit about my story, and then played a lightning round where she asked me whether I had done 10 different new things, including taking a mud bath, using snowshoes, and making kombucha. I had barely done any of the ones she asked, so I was happy to add a few more things to my list! She then finished off by asking me the big prompt of the day: the story of my first car. It was a pretty short story however, seeing as I’ve never owned a car and don’t drive! I know, I’m a bit unusual in this, but thankfully I’ve always lived close to great transport connections, so I’ve never needed a car.

I had a great time with Ann on her First Time Story live, and I encourage anyone curious to check her out: she is an amazing lady with some great ideas for new things. I know the app has saved me in a jam a few times!

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