Day 91 – Played Minecraft

Today I needed something relatively easy and a bit lazy: I’d slept poorly and had a busy day, my concentration was not at its highest. So, I decided to give playing Animal Crossing a break and tried a new-to-me game instead – Minecraft. Fortunately, we could download it for free thanks to the Xbox Game Pass (I say fortunately because there’s not a chance I’ll be playing it again!).

A reconstruction
Photo by Kaboompics .com on

I have never felt so old and confused in my life as I did playing this game. I had literally no idea what to do, where to start, or why I’d chosen to play it. James said the aim of the game was to build things and have fun – I failed on both counts.

I know Minecraft is ridiculously popular, but it just didn’t do it for me. Such a disappointing experience – I’ll be sticking to Animal Crossing for the foreseeable future!

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