Day 87 – Made a fabric tray

Surprisingly, despite staying home for two weeks, I have been really busy recently. I’m trying to take advantage of all the classes and cool stuff people are now putting online, whilst also trying to do new things, talk with family and friends, and just general life stuff. I’m somehow finding myself with less time, rather than more, so today I decided to slow things down and make something.

I love the idea of sewing, have some basic supplies, and often think about getting a sewing machine, yet it seems like such a big investment for something I’m not sure I can do. I decided to get some practice in, using my stash of fabric squares and sewing kit, I found a rough pattern for a handsewn fabric tray here.

This is where I admit I did not follow the instructions to the letter. As I knew I was only making it for myself, I wasn’t too concerned with ironing the fabric or measuring it too precisely. Despite this, I still managed to make it look vaguely presentable – a massive win for me as presentation is not my strong point!

Functional too!

So wonky stitching and all, I love it! I’m actually really pleased with it: a nice meditative activity for a slow afternoon. I’ll definitely get the sewing kit out again and try something else. First my juggling balls, now this, I might be making my own clothes in no time!

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