Day 86 – Line dancing

At the moment, I’m discovering how much exercising helps me mentally during this crazy time. A few weeks ago I finally started running again after a year off, I regularly do yoga and tai chi too, but since my movement has been so limited recently, I find myself with so much excess energy to burn that I need to do more. I normally get very antsy if I haven’t been outside in a while, but after trying my hip hop class the other day I haven’t stopped exercising inside since!

The fantastic local fitness centre that I would normally go to for tai chi has started live-streaming a few classes a day on their website (no login required!). I had great fun with my friend doing a Zumba class over video chat, so I was very excited to see line dancing on the schedule, something totally new to me.

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Normally I’d try and get someone to join me over video chat, but the class was on at a time where people were busy with other things so unfortunately, I was flying solo. This was fine at first, but as the class went on I realised it would have been so much more fun with somebody else.

The teacher didn’t appear to be very comfortable, and only really relaxed about halfway through. To be fair, I think the class was intended for older people so I found it quite slow and actually a bit boring in places – my attention wondered so much at one point that I started to clean the floor. However, once the teacher got into it, a real country song came on, and her “yeehah!” started coming out, it was so much fun! I had my fingers hitched in my belt loop, added some woops and some finger clicks, and actually had a great time.

I would try this again with other people as it would be so much fun, but I won’t do it again whilst we’re all isolating. Some things are better with other people.

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