Day 85 – Made a towel animal

This was a short and sweet one that actually turned out to be more complicated than I thought! I’ve never been on a cruise ship, but I’ve been reliably informed that passengers can be treated to their towels shaped into a fancy animal, flower, or even a heart. So even though I won’t be having any visitors anytime soon, I thought it would still be fun to have a go at making one of these.

My first attempt at an elephant.

Some of my attempts were comically bad – I followed all the instructions carefully but they somehow just didn’t look…right. My sad elephant above is just one example, I also made a drunk dog, and a flaccid swan.

This reminded me of the spider dog from Farenheit 451!
Why didn’t it look right?

I eventually realised that as everything was so floppy and droopy, I probably should use a smaller towel. The elephant how-to I used looked so cute, that I thought I’d try it again, and I had mild success!

It looks a bit like an elephant!

This was a bit of a silly new thing to do, and one I don’t think I’ll be trying again. It was fun, but a bit underwhelming.

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