Day 79 – Master an impression

I have a couple of terrible impressions that I can roll out if asked, including Cher, and a Robert De Niro face. In terms of mastering one though I am a long way off. So today was finally the day I thought I’d master a Kermit the Frog impression. I actually wanted to do Miss Piggy, but her voice was so difficult that I ended up with her mild-mannered, best-beloved Kermit instead.

In hindsight, this was maybe not the best challenge to do whilst my husband is working from home and in video conferences…

My first port of call, as usual, was Youtube, where I found this great video from New York Vocal Coaching.

This video was so helpful: although technical, it broke the impression down into chunks which was so much easier to follow than some other videos I’d seen. I can imagine it’s not an easy thing to describe! They’ve actually done a series on a lot of the Muppets

I actually managed to say one sentence that sounded like Kermit! As for mastering the impression, I think I’m a long way off – as soon as I said any more than a sentence, I lost Kermit.

I enjoyed this and I’ll try and I think I’ll try and expand the impression beyond one sentence. I’ll give Miss Piggy another go too, then I can have a conversation! I miss going outside…

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