Day 78 – Loop de loop plane

I had no idea paper planes were able to do a loop de loop before my sister’s partner challenged me to make one. I really thought he was winding me up until I curiously looked online, and there they were – hundreds of tutorials!

Scrolling through Youtube I found there were a variety of different ways to make this origami, looping plane, that I had no idea where to start. I diligently watched as many as I could in order to report the best one, but they aren’t the most interesting things to watch so that only amounted to three videos! I’ll include them all below in case you want to try them out.

This one made a great paper plane that flew for ages, but I couldn’t get it to do the loop for love nor money!

This one actually shows a clip of the plane doing a loop, something the others don’t, but again, although it came excruciatingly close, I still couldn’t get it to go round.
I didn’t have much faith in this one: it was fast, hard to follow, and low budget, but unbelievably, it worked!

I couldn’t believe that I actually made a paper plane do that! The first two results were frustratingly close, so the satisfaction of seeing my third attempt do the loop de loop was huge!

The winner!

These planes were so fun to make: the origami was nice and meditative, the test flights quite exciting. I imagine these would be great fun to do with kids, you could make fun challenges to see who could make theirs the fastest, or do the biggest loop de loop. A little bit of silly fun whilst we’re all inside.

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