Day 76 – Air Freshener

Since I made my (very useful) natural cleaner with leftover citrus peels, I’ve kept an ever-growing stash in the freezer. I like to eliminate as much food waste as I can (I also keep vegetable offcuts to make vegetable stock), but with everything going on, I was running out of space in my freezer. The leftover citrus peels being the least useful thing in there, combined with us now spending more time at home, I decided to put them to good use and make an air freshener.

Following a recipe from the Frugal Girl here, I put everything into a saucepan, added a small cinnamon stick, covered with boiling water, and let gently simmer for a few hours.

All the marmalade making, and cocktail experimenting, left me with a good stock to work through!

The smell was absolutlely incredible – so fresh and inviting! I really loved having the whole house smell so good, but I didn’t really like having the hob on (albeit on low heat) for so long, so I can’t see me doing this again.

Another new thing that I managed to do, was teach my four-year-old nephew over Facetime how to make paper aeroplanes. He’s currently in isolation with his parents, and I think they were getting a bit stir crazy, so I stepped up to my Aunty duties, and taught him from Germany. Thank goodness for technology, especially in the current climate!

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