Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

After my ego was bruised through my total failure to break an apple in half with my hands, I needed something to try and prove to myself that I’m not totally weak. Also, the other day I found a handy article on Mental Floss here (top secret link – don’t share with your opponents!) that I wanted to try out.

After putting Eye of The Tiger on and pretending I was Rocky Balboa, I inwardly went over all of my new found tips and techniques, ready to face my biggest (and only) opponent yet – my husband.

Two arms locked in an arm wrestle
The match of the century

Unbelievably – I won! I was so amazed that I did a little happy dance afterwards. The tips worked brilliantly and (sorry James) I managed to beat him three out of three goes. I’m dying to try out my new found skills on somebody else now, so people I know – watch out! This nearly makes up for not being able to break that stupid apple.

I’m off to register my arms as deadly weapons…

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